Kids Dance Classes, Adult Fitness Programs, and Concerts in Fairfax, Virginia

Expose your entire family to the fun of performing arts with kids dance classes, adult fitness programs and benefit concerts from C4 Performing Arts in Fairfax, Virginia.

Programs for Kids and Adults Alike
C4 Kids Youth Dance Program has classes for children as young as 30 months. Adult Dance and Fitness is available to any mature person who wishes to learn expression through dance.

We provide a safe learning environment which includes teaching our students how to warm-up and use proper techniques to prevent injury. Some of the classes and services available from passionate, knowledgeable instructors are:

• Ballet
• Jazz
• Modern
• Hip-Hop
• Creative Movement
• Tumbling
• Salsa
• Zumba
• West African

Students and instructors will work together to organize and produce concerts for community causes. Dancing 4 Cures is our main program. We work with a non-profit health organization to raise awareness for a particular cause with a fun event.

Our 2012 event takes place on October 28th from with a benefit concert and gala for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Performances will include dance, spoken word, live music and choir.

• Pre-Show Reception — 6 p.m. – 7 p.m.

• Concert – 7 p.m. 

Ballet Feet, Kids Dance Classes, Adult Fitness Programs, Concerts in Fairfax, VA
Partner Dancing, Kids Dance Classes, Adult Fitness Programs, Concerts in Fairfax, VA

Birthday Parties
Make your child's next birthday party original, educational and fun. We can provide any theme for your child's birthday, from Princesses to safaris. Parties take place in 3-hour segments that include dance instruction. There are 3 packages to choose from, and can also include:

• Cake • Venue • Food • Decorations

Arts Education
The Arts Education Initiative works to create public and private after school programs to offer children exposure to cultural dance. We present in-school assembly performances to educate students on the opportunities presented through dance. Performances include dances from a variety of cultures worldwide.

Contact us for more details on performing arts education programs.